Flash Bash is the World Heroes of the Browser Gaming Era

Yes, That is Dragon Boy

It was not too long ago that we were enjoying the adventures of little Dragon Boy on a promising flash based RPG from Godlimation, so to see "D. Boy" and his faithful dragon taking on other major characters is certainly a sight to see. And the same goes for those who played the other games.

Flash Bash is the World Heroes of the Browser Gaming Era

But for the rest of the world, Flash Bash is just a 2D fighting game, and without the charm and appeal of knowing characters beforehand, the novelty is more than just lost -the entire concept of what makes this a worthwhile game wears off easily.

Needs More Fight

There is no inherent flaw in Flash Bash -if you do not like the art style, chance is, this is not a game for you. The game was made with Godlimation fans in mind, so the visuals and the audio are suited to those who are familiar and love their work. As a fighting game, there is a decent number of characters to choose from, a good range of moves for each, and a pretty well-balanced gameplay. The animation is smooth and good (though it could use a few more tweaks when it comes to simulating collisions and contact between elements), and some of the attack animations needs better keyframes in order to showcase the movements even more (there is a lack of emphasis on the key poses and when the attack actually hits).

Combat wise, the game seems to be pretty steady -there are various combo attacks and abilities that can be linked together. There is also a level of depth when it comes to chaining abilities. The only drawback is that the game relies heavily on the single direction moves -which, while most appropriate for a keyboard player, leaves little to the imagination in terms of figuring out new moves.

The visuals could certainly use a bit more lighting -especially when it comes to the character models. There is a heavy use of thick, dark lines that form the signature look of the developers, however this would be better accented with the use of brighter lighting. Tones and textures could use a bit of bloom. Anyone who has played Street Fighter IV will recognized the large brush-stroke like effects during character and stage select screens as well as during the transition animations -while this certainly looks cool, they should have added the same contrasted lighting that Capcom used.

Worth Your Time

If you were looking for a serious, in-depth free brawler such as Super Smash Flash, this may not be everything you would want. But it would still be fun to take for a spin if you do not have much time. Combat in Flash Bash is quick, straightforward, and without much funfare -which is certainly going to appeal to many gamers. The computer AI is pretty tenacious though, so it would be a great benefit for players to first try out the training mode in order to study moves and combos before jumping straight into the fray.