Fashion Dash for PC - Get Your Sweat On!, by launching ragdolls accurately at objects

Fashion Dash is a new take on the Diner town standard “Dash” games. PlayFirst introduces players to the world of fashion design at custom-made speed. Fashion Dash stays true to its Diner town roots with the same graphics as the other “Dash” games, but the characters are slightly larger and have slightly better detail. The Soma Interactive Audio sounds enhance, and entrance players into feeling like they are in a bustling shop and not on their computers. The music is catchy and promises to find its way into the brains of gamers for hours, maybe even days, without being annoying. Spanning 50 levels through five different and diverse locations, Fashion Dash proves to be more than just a dressed up version of an old game. It truly will challenge even the most seasoned Diner town veteran and will excite beginners into a mouse clicking frenzy!

Fashion Dash for PC

In this new edition, players join Coco fresh off a stint as a designer for the show Danceriffic. Her friend, Flo, encourages her to pick up the scraps and keep on going in the fashion world. With the dream of gathering up the dancers from the show and making her own version, Coco opens up her own exclusive designer retail shop to earn the funds to make that dream a reality. Of course, it is all up to the player whether or not Coco will be able to raise enough money to see that reality come to fruition.

The tasks Coco must complete for guests are as follows: Seat guests, get a fashion catalogue and give it to the guest, take guests’ measurements, bring guests’ order to seamstress, bring completed outfit to guest, either cash out guest or accessorize guest before cashing out, and finally, remove empty hangar from dressing cubicle so that another guest may occupy it. Each market has its own set of tasks, in addition to the standard clothing line. Shoes, handbags, perfume, and jewelry are just a few items that may become available to guests. Not every guest requests such items, and players may not give them out without request, but they do raise revenue when promptly served.

Through the Story Mode, players work to meet Coco’s goals for the day in hopes of passing each level. Each level also has an expert goal that can be attainable if Coco is speedy, efficient, and does everything that the customer wants; this is because satisfied customers pay more. Every few levels offer free upgrades that increase efficiency and speed. Players may upgrade items such as Coco‘s speed, more comfortable seating for guests, thus adding patience, or making the seamstress turn out dresses and suits more quickly. The player does not sacrifice any of their earnings for these concessions, they simply choose from the options when they are offered. When players meet their goals, they move on through the levels in hopes of raising enough revenue for Coco’s show to make it on its own. As game play goes on, some extras are added, for example, a stereo is available to keep customers in the waiting area patient, while a tea service table is available to serve guests who are seated at changing stations. Both items help replenish a customer’s heart, which means that Coco can take some of the weight off of her shoulders.

In Endless Mode, players will be challenged with keeping up with their customers’ demands throughout the long shift and attempt to beat their own records. New players can use this mode to familiarize themselves with the speed and style of the game, especially if they have been having trouble in Story Mode. Experienced gamers will enjoy being able to increase the demand exponentially and never have to start over which is the case in the Story Mode. Whenever Coco opens a new location, your previously gained upgrades are gone, and Coco must deal with the tedious “first level” type game play it all again.

There are many tips to ensure success in Fashion Dash, as with other Dash-style games. The most beneficial factor a player can focus on is the customers. There are 10 distinctive characters and all of them have their own nuances that make them either difficult or easy to serve. For example, though Grannies love to take a long time to decide what they want, they are contented by the ability to gossip. Men, however, do not gossip with the Granny, so players should take care to seat Grannies next to young women or other Grannies. Young women also enjoy sitting by the Men, because the men flirt with them, and this makes both parties more patient. Even though Men are quick to order and will keep players on their toes, seating them by young women will buy you a little time. Guitar girls are the fly in the Fashion

Fashion Dash for PC

Dash ointment and are a nuisance to all that are around them. Seating them first is the only way to avoid their musical interlude in the waiting room. In addition to arranging customers by type, seating a guest in a dressing area of matching color will allow players to rack up bonuses for color coordination, and each time Coco seats a guest in a color coordinated seat, her bonus increases exponentially. If there is no choice but to break a color chain, then it is best to seat a contrasting colored guest on a station that has either no bonus associated (no x2, x3, etc) or at least the lowest of the bonuses. A substantial bonus comes in the form of the telephone; Coco can answer the phone even if her hands are full. Every time she picks up the phone and takes an order she earns a cool $150 to add to her tills.

While Fashion Dash is not a totally new concept for Fashion Games with other popular titles such as Imagine's Fashion Designer, time management games with a sense of style are here to stay. The demand for new and more innovative ideas and concepts is a must and Fashion Dash hits the mark. Players will enjoy the new, more relevant music and the fun, comic graphics that they have come to expect from the franchise.