Farmerama: Build, Run & Manage a Farm - Will Your Farm Flourish or Die?

Farmerama: Build, Run & Manage a Farm

Farmerama is a free farm game online - an MMORPG that is built as a farming simulation. You play the role of a farmer and you're in charge of growing crops, planting orchards, rearing farm animals, etc. Your job is to be successful in these operations and earn money from selling the produce of your land. The game is designed along the same lines as the hugely popular Facebook game, Farmville.

Farmerama is a free farm game online - an MMORPG that is built as a farming simulation. You play the role of a farmer and you're in charge of growing crops, planting orchards, rearing farm animals, etc. Your job is to be successful in these operations and earn money from selling the produce of your land. The game is designed along the same lines as the hugely popular Facebook game, Farmville.

Farmerama is a standalone game from Bigpoint, which has certain advantages over Facebook's game. Although it lacks the social aspects of the game, Farmerama has an extensive world with a wide range of crops and animals. It is more true to life in its simulation of a running a farm. Being an online game, there are huge amounts of players who are registered with the game and are online at any given point in time. They interact with one another through forums and chats, in which case Farmerama is far superior to Farmville as a complete gaming experience.

Farmerama game will appeal to anyone who wishes to run a life like experiment. The game is easy to get a hang of and its cute animations and graphics will entertain you for hours. You will find that you have many crops and plants to work with and raise different kinds of animals. There are resources to manage, such as water, animal feed and fertilizers.

Wake Up and Smell the Fresh Air

While not many of us would like to live on a farm in real life, there's still a strange fascination with rural life. Being close to nature and working with minimum technology are interesting aspects that one likes to explore through video games. Farm games online such as Harvest Moon and Facebook's Farmville have demonstrated that rural simulations have a wild and addictive hold on gamers.

To register for the game, the player needs to click the green button under the welcoming chicken on Bigpoint's game page, where it says "Register for free". After inputting your username, password and other information, you are transported to your destination.

Your very own helper will guide you through the first few steps, so you become accustomed to the country life. The tutorial has a set of easy tasks which teach you the basic controls.

While life on a farm may be rustic and humble, it comes with its own challenges. The routine may be repetitive but you have to master it to be successful in this life. There is little rest in this occupation as you will soon learn. It can be demanding on your time, but you need to be completely efficient to run a farm. You need to work with limited resources and build up your farming business step by step.

In Farmerama, you get the opportunity to establish yourself as a successful farmer by learning the ropes through experience. You collect money as well as experience with each task that you accomplish. Every crop that you harvest and deliver to the market place earns you country coins and experience points. The money comes in handy when it's time to buy seeds, fertilizers, coops for chickens or even to fix up the old homestead.

Make Hay While the Sun Shines

There is a superior kind of currency in use in Farmerama called Barnyard Bucks. You can buy these with real cash or you can get them by exchanging some of your country coins. You can use Barnyard Bucks to purchase some important objects.

Farmerama has a whole zoo of farm animals and some rare ones too in its menagerie. You can choose from chickens, goats, pigs, cows, goats and sheep or from some unlikely ones from ostriches, turkeys, bees, fish or even kangaroos.

You are given a plot of land in Farmerama that includes space for your farmhouse and barn. There are outlying farms laid out in grid fashion that form a part of your property. You can install your mill, water tower, pig pens, chicken coops etc. based on your choice. You can select an area to plant trees and another one to raise your cattle and other animals.

The farmhouse is where you live with your family and the place you do your business as well in this fun farm game online. You will receive your customers here, and take their orders for different products that you produce. You will make sure you answer the doorbell every time because you don't want to lose out on your business.

You get delivery points for every order that you receive. Your total of delivery points is also an indicator of how popular your stuff is. This brings in more customers who are looking for your good quality vegetables, fruits and meats.

Farmerama: Build, Run & Manage a Farm

Your barn is the next important structure on your land. You will use this as a storehouse for all your production. Whether it is harvested crop or feed for the livestock, everything is stored here. Your animals are also tethered in the barn so that you can keep a close eye on them. The capacity of your barn is almost limitless, which is a great thing.

You need a mill on your land so that you can manufacture the feed for your animals to eat. It's important to know how to mix the feed as different animals need different kinds of food. There's a set formula for which types of plants you need to mix up to make the right kind of feed. The mill can produce any one kind of feed at any one time. Besides, it will take some real time to get the feed prepared.

Water is the life blood of your farm. You need it to irrigate your fields, grow your trees and plants, as well as to provide for the animals. You can build a water tower on your land to store water. The quantity of water will need to be replenished with country coins when it runs low. If needed, you can purchase more tanks of water.

The key to getting a good harvest in this online farm game is to have enough fertilizer. This is made from good old manure and you have heaps of it somewhere on your land. You must clean out the refuse from the animal's holds on a daily basis. This manure pile will be used to create the fertilizer needed for the farms.

There is a silo on your farm where you can purchase a superior kind of fertilizer called Super Grow. It will cut down growing times of your crops by half, making you complete your orders that much faster. You can also choose to buy Power feed here that will increase production from your animals.

Raking in the Wealth

As a farmer, you will be praying a lot to the weather gods, so that they can shower you with their blessing. Like in real life, a spell of bad weather can be devastating for your fortunes. Fertilizing your farms helps somewhat to reduce the harshness of bad weather.

Once your crops are ready to be harvested, you can deliver them to your customers to complete your pending orders. You can convert some of the produce into feed for your animals, and sell the remaining crop at the farmer's market in town.

The game play is straightforward and quick to learn. You organize your plots to produce different kinds of produce. Laying down a farm is as easy as dragging and dropping it on a grid. Pop-up menus will present you with a choice of crops that you might want to grow on this plot.

You buy seeds from the city when needed and sow them into the fields. Initially you have some simple seeds but as you progress in the game you will have a wider variety to choose from. You can decide to grow a mix of wheat, oats, carrots, etc. You can also have vegetable patches for growing tomatoes, sunflowers, lettuce etc. In higher levels you can grow more exotic products such as canola, mushrooms, berries etc.

By adding water and fertilizer in the right amounts, you will find your crops coming up fine. You just click on your farm and then choose the water icon to irrigate your plot. Keep an eye on the water level in the tank and refill it if it goes really low. You can buy fruit trees in the city and they will bring more wealth when you plant them in your land.

Make sure you attend to your farm every day as weeds will infest your wonderful farm lands if you leave them untended for a while. While you do need to take out the manure in your virtual farm, you're mercifully spared from the obnoxious odours.

The cheerful cacophony of farm animals is one of the joys of rustic life in the farm game. You have a range of cute animals to raise on your land. You buy holds for your animals at the city. Remember to take care of them. Feed and clean them regularly and they will reward you richly. You get eggs and poultry from your chickens, meat from pigs and cows, and some rare animals are there for fun. Animals also provide the manure to make fertilizer for your farms.

Make a Bundle in the City

From time to time you will be venturing out of your farming property to visit the nearby city. Here you will be making your purchases for equipment, seeds, etc. This is also where you will bring your produce to sell. You meet fellow agriculturists at the Farmer's Market in the city and trade with them.

There's also a bank and a post office in the city where you can do your financial and other transactions. If you are a premium farmer, meaning you've paid real cash to become one, you can also enter the lookout tower and shop for more modern equipment to use on the farm, such as a harvester combine.

You can also buy some decorations to spruce up your old farmhouse. It's a good way to attract more tourists and paying customers to knock on your door.

The Benefits of the Premium Farmer

Being a premium farmer also has other important advantages. You can utilise the automatic setting of the lookout tower to safeguard your land. The tower will ensure that your farm is free from weeds of any kind, as well as from trespassers. It will fix any crops that are spoiled by any trespassers. Not only that, they will be penalised for ruining your crops.

Premium farmers are also ensured of getting a steady supply of big customers so they can accumulate orders much faster. They also get more fertilizer producing manure as well as a better water supply.

A Quick Tutorial is Always Welcome

To start off the newbie player, a cute tutorial will guide you through the initial steps to set up your farm. Farmerama allocates you an apple tree and a chicken coop. You may win some more coops by completing some tasks assigned through the tutorial. You will next divide your property into acres that can grow crops. Make sure you leave areas for future pens as you may need to house some animals. You are also given a certain amount of country coins and barnyard bucks to start you off.

Initially, it's a good idea to purchase a couple of apple trees and additional chicken coops. This is a good investment as you will have more apples, eggs and chickens to sell in the future.

The Benefits of Virtual Farming

The city is the source for all your farming needs. You'll find sees, animal housing and trees here. You can sell your produce for a good price and trade with fellow players at the Farmer's Market. You can pick up your mail and send packages at the post office, or visit the bank and make a deposit to your account. If you sign up to become Premium farmer, you can visit the lookout tower to get either a lookout or harvester to lend you a hand on the farm.

Farmerama's online farm game works on real time and gives you six customers every day. When they come knocking, your farmhouse will rattle. You can collect their orders and save them in your file to act on later. Make sure you take care of them quickly because you will not get any new orders if you have already accumulated ten. The benefit of a Premium account is that you will get double the number of customers every day, so you will be one busy farmer.

Another way to gain some extra money is to visit the farmer's society in the city. There you can fill out some special requests and competitions. You can also gain valuable rewards by obtaining orders from restaurants.

After completing various tasks you win experience points. These are displayed at the top of the game interface next to the hat. Every time your farm produces stuff, you get EPs. Some produce such as lettuce may give more EPs than say, apples. After accumulating a certain number of EPs you are automatically raised to the next level. You will have access to more facilities such as a rabbit hutch in the second level, and walnut trees in the third levels, and so on. Each level will give you access to new plants, trees and animals.

Once you've reached the third level then you can get into the farmer's market. You will find different prices for your crops, animals and fruit. You will need to bargain and set your prices at a competitive level so that they get sold in the market. You have to pay a small commission to the market for allowing you the space for setting up a stall.

There are dozens of levels for you to rise through. At each level in the online farm game you get access to new crops or animals. Some levels also allow you use new services such as parks and meadows. The names of each level are funny in keeping with the overall theme of the Farmerama game. For example, at the first level, you're a Sprout, then a Sapling, a Seedling, a Meadow Mouse and so on. At higher levels you get hilarious titles such as Sultan of Sultana and Mushroom Maniac.

Farmerama: Build, Run & Manage a Farm

After you've reached a certain high level, you will get access to the airport. Here you can hire Suzy's Fertilizer that is a crop dusting plane. It will fly over your farm spraying special fertilizer that will boost your harvest. This will also increase your experience points.

Being a farmer is hard work, as you'll soon realize. Life is simple and you will be close to nature. If you are sick and tired of the urban rat race, then living the rustic life is a welcome option. Farmerama game allows you to set up your own virtual farm where you are your own boss. You will quickly learn the basics and although you won't turn into an overnight millionaire, you will make a pretty decent living.

An important source of information for the new farmer is the local newspaper, the Farm Herald. It has offices in the city, and comes out with regular items and useful farming related bulletins. It's a good idea to scour the newspaper for tips on how to become a better farmer.

Although many players like Facebook's Farmville for its social aspects, Farmerama is a very good alternative. At some levels, it is more entertaining and involving.

The graphics are very well designed with cute and colourful animations that make rural life come alive. The layouts of the farm lands and the city are well thought out. The player interfaces are intuitive and entertaining at the same time.

Humour is a big part of this free farm game online, and it is used judiciously to sustain an enjoyable experience. The depictions of the adorable animals will appeal to players of all ages, and especially to families with young ones. The 3D look to the farm game makes it very realistic and engages players at every level.

The background music is well arranged and provides a soothing setting. You will also find instructions are available in all of the world's major languages, which signals the enormous popularity of the game.

Farmerama game proves that sims such as these can be intensely addictive. You will look forward to manage your farming property on a day to day basis. Being an MMO game, it gives you the opportunity to play with thousands of players around the world. If you are considering working on a farm in real life then this game will give you a pretty good picture of learning to become a farm manager and touches on many of the important day to day tasks whilst keeping things fun and fresh!

If you have played Farmville or Harvest Moon, then you already know the basics of game play. You will find it much easier to start and grow your farming business.

Game Rating (out of 10)

Playability (out of 10) - 9

The game is easy to learn and finding your way around is not very difficult. The layouts of the interfaces are clear to follow.

Graphics/Visuals (out of 10) - 8

The graphics are colourful and delight the senses. The depictions of the animals and settings are done in a cheerful, cartoony sort of way to appeal to players of all ages. The background score adds a nice support.

Originality (out of 10) - 6

Farmerama game is based on the same farming simulation genre as Facebook's Farmville and Nintendo's Harvest Moon. It adds a few more features and being a browser game, allows game play to be extended to players around the world.

Game Detail (out of 10) - 8

The game offers a wide choice of plants, vegetables and crops to work with. There is also a good range of farm animals and other exotic creatures to add some entertainment value to the game. It offers several levels that players will want to progress through.

Storyline (out of 10) - 6

The game sets you up in the country with enough supporting materials to create your own farming business. It progresses you from the novice level to a very successful and prosperous farmer, based on your own skills and determination.

Addictiveness (out of 10) - 8

If you need an escape from the urban pressure filled life, then Farmerama is the game for you. Once you start this game, it's very hard to give up as the country life will arrest you with its charms. You will begin to enjoy your life as a farmer so much that you will find yourself coming back on a daily basis.

Longevity (out of 10) - 8

Farmerama is a game that will be played for a very long time. It ensures that you progress as high as you possibly can.


Farmerama is a delightful, free to play farm game that can be played anywhere in the world. It is highly addictive in game play and provides a true escape from a tension ridden life. It offers real challenges of rustic living, but also the simple pleasures of watching your crops grow and animals roam. Although there are other games like it, Farmerama is unique in its presentation style and its humour, which delivers a complete entertaining experience.