The Best Doctor Who Toys You Should Not Miss Out On

Doctor Who is the longest running sci-fi show on TV, has millions of fans across the world, and is considered to be a highly influential part of pop and geek culture. And as with all modern things that are cool and successful, DW fans have access to a wide range of licensed paraphernalia based on the TV show. If you have been itching to get yourself a Doctor Who-themed toy and don't know where to start, you can follow our list of the most essential toys to have on your shelf.

It's Bigger on the Inside

The Tardis

The TARDIS is the single most iconic item on the show -even non-Whovian fans are pretty much aware of what it is by now. This humble little police box is actually a massive space-faring time machine -and yes, it is bigger on the inside. Naturally, you would want to have a TARDIS toy with you -as to what scale to get, is a matter of how much space you have in your house.

That said, a full scale TARDIS is completely out of the question for most people (in terms of both size and price), which leaves the scaled models that you can have sitting on your desk. Our favorite is the one that uses magnets that allow it to float and spin freely. But other may want something with a bit of functionality added in -like serving as a clock or some other container. Some of you may just want to go for something small like this mini-kit, or the TARDIS Christmas tree ornament (which will probably adorn something more-year round in the house of a fan).

Kids will also enjoy playing with the Console Room playset, which allows you to take a peek into the inside of the TARDIS.

This Screwdriver is Sonic

This Screwdriver is Sonic

Officially, there are a lot of Sonic Screwdrivers to choose from. But which one to get is a matter of which Doctor is your favorite. There have been 11 Doctors so far and several versions of the Sonic. This one often becomes a matter of getting the right one that appeared with your favorite version of the Doctor. Even in cases like with the 9th and 10th Doctors, whose Sonics may seem a lot alike, but the color of the lights are actually different (9th's sonic has a predominantly blue light, while 10th's has a slight tinge of violet). Also, there are a few sonic things that appeared outside of the Doctor's hands, River Song had her own sonic screwdriver, the Master had a laser screwdriver, and there was even a Sonic Pen in the Adipose episode (used by Mrs. Foster).

If you would rather build your own, then try out make-your-own Sonic Screwdriver or the additional trans-temporal set (the two sets are actually parts-compatible with each other). Just note that the core design for these Sonics are based on 11th's.

Also, some Sonic Screwdrivers are more than just light up toys, some have actual functionality, such as a universal remote control, a torch, or even as an actual screwdriver.



Terry Nation's creations have been a critical part of the success of Doctor Who, providing the unlikely universe-saving hero with a worthy adversary. These toy replicas of the Daleks will certainly not conquer the world, but they certainly work as a great souvenir and as an expression of fandom.

Our favorites are the plushie Daleks; which come in red and blue. They are soft, huggable, and they even talk (in case you are wondering, they say "Exterminate" as well as "You are an enemy of the Dalek, you will be destroyed".

Those of you looking for something a little less fluffy, and something more intimidating may want to go for BBC's line of talking Daleks. They comes in various styles and paints, reflecting their appearance in key episodes (Planet of the Daleks, Revelation of the Daleks, Power of the Daleks, The Dalek Invasion of Earth, Death to the Daleks, and finally, a Bronze Dalek from the 2005 episode simply titled, "Dalek").

Other Toys

Doctor Who Adipose Stress Toy

Depending on which Doctors became your favorite, there are a variety of Doctor Who related merchandise that are also worth having at home.

First on our list is the Adipose stress toy. While this cute little alien only appeared in a single episode (Partners in Crime), it is hard to deny the fact that they are unbelievable cute. Add in the fact that they are more than just plushies and are actual stress toys makes them all the more worth having.

Gallifreyan-designed water coasters may seem like a crude piece to have, but this 4-piece pack is more than worth it. Just ignore the fact that the original purpose of the items are to serve as water coasters and you can appreciate how much of a collector's item they can be.